Orange County Township Trustees


A township trustee or a town trustee is an official with authority over civil township government. In many forms of townships, the term refers there are multiple trustees, who form the township board of trustees. In some others, the trustee is a single officer, separate from the township board; the Indiana township trustees are examples of this form.

The term "town trustee" has also been used for members of the governing board of the Sheffield Town Trust since at least the 16th century, though that institution has been organized as a charity since the 19th century.


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French Lick Town, Township



John Harrison

8842 W. State Rd. 56

French Lick, In 47432

Ph: (812) 936-4618


Photo by: frenchlickpenthouse

Paoli Town, Township


Deborah Giles

650 North Gospel St.

Paoli, Indiana 47454

Ph: (812) 723-5689





Pat Akins

9194 S. Co. Rd. 100 W.

Paoli, Indiana 47454

Ph: (812) 378-2789


Photo by: Connie Schmidt



Donald Drake

6300 W. Co. Rd. 450 S.

French Lick, Indiana 47432

Ph: (812) 936-9765


Photo by: jimsawthat on flickr



Sharon Johnson

975 Lynd Rd

Orleans, Indiana 47452

Ph: (812) 755-6709





Judy Meehan

8258 W. College Street

French Lick, In 47432

Ph: (812) 936-7300



Ivan Craig Stewart

9085 S. St. Rd. 37

Paoli, Indiana 47454

Ph:  (812) 723-4424

cell: (812)653-1306

Photo by: Sileomahony



Marietta Hager

5936 N. Co. Rd. 500 W.

Orleans, Indiana 47452

Ph: (812) 865-2340


Photo by: Meg Huffman

Orleans, Township



Patrick Hall

6828 N. St. Rd. 337

Orleans, Indiana 47452

Photo by: Tracy Wilson

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