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- Orange County Surveyor: Matthew Cooper, P.S.
- First Deputy: Debbie Woolston




205 E. Main Street, Suite 11
Paoli, Indiana 47454      >>>>> ( Courthouse Annex )

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About the Surveyor’s Office


The County Surveyor is located on the main floor in the Orange County Courthouse Annex, located at 205 East Main Street, Paoli, Indiana.

The County Surveyor's Office maintains:

- Section corner reference sheets.

- Original government survey notes and maps.

- Legal surveys from the 1800s.

- Boundary Surveys from early 1900 to-present day.

- Historic surveys and county road maps.

- Review of Subdivisions– link to Subdivision Ordinance – link to SUBD-ORD.PDF

 - The Orange County Surveyor’s Office is responsible for issuing new 911 addresses. (Please note that Orange County Ordinance No. 2011-8, Article 10, dated November 16, 2011, requires proof of a septic permit prior to issuing a new address.

– link to ORD 2011-8.PDF )

About the Orange County Surveyor



The County Surveyor is an elected position that serves a four year term. Matthew Cooper has been the Orange County Surveyor since 2015.  Mr. Cooper is a Professional Surveyor with over 20 years of experience working in Orange County.

Orange County Geographic Information System (GIS)

Link to Orange County’s GIS mapping

GIS is a great tool with lots of useful information! However, please use the property line information with caution because the lines shown may not be at the correct location. To determine the true location of a property boundary line a Retracement Boundary Survey should be performed.

Related Items

The Surveyor’s Office sells USGS Topo maps for all of Orange County. The cost is $10 each.

Orange County Plat Books are available in the Orange County Purdue Extension office located in the Orange County Courthouse Annex. The cost of the Plat Books are $30, the associated wall maps are $56.

Orange County Road Maps are available in the Auditor’s Office. The cost of the road maps are $3.

What the County Surveyor’s Office does not provide

We do not survey private property. - However, we can assist in determining if a survey of the property has been recorded or if other record surveys and corners are available.


We do not settle property boundary disputes. -  Unfortunately, from time-to-time people have disagreements regarding the locations of lines and corners. We are very willing to help gather the survey records that might assist in determining a peaceful solution to the issue.


We do not determine Floodplains or Wetlands. - There are several online resources that have maps that can assist with determining the likelihood if a Floodplain or Wetland might affect your property.

Link to FEMA Flood Map search my address

Link to Wetlands Mapper - USFW Service

For Professional Surveyors

Please contact the Surveyor’s Office by email for access to the online survey records. Please provide you name, PS#, company name, and address.

Link to records:  [Sorry! This section is not yet available.]

I can email most survey records upon request by email.


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