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• On each additional page, margins should be at least ½ inch on the top, bottom, and sides. 

• Documents should be computer generated or typed with at least 10 point font.

• The name of the person preparing the instrument must be given on the document. This can be given in the following form: ‘This instrument prepared by NAME.

• Notarized documents require county residence of notary and commission expiration. 

• A transfer of deeds for taxation requires an endorsement by the county auditor before recording takes places. 

• The grantee’s name and address is required to be on all documents of conveyance. 

• Documents should not contain full social security numbers or other personal identification numbers. 

• A Sales Disclosure form is required to be submitted with the deed.

Recording Requirements

                                              Quitclaim Deed — IC 32-21; IC 36-2-11 Requires:

  1. From parties (Grantor)

  2. To parties (Grantee)

  3. Legal description

  4. Grantee address: must be physical address not PO Box

  5. Signatures with names typed or printed below or next to each name

  6. Signatures acknowledged or notarized

  7. Prepared by statement

  8. Social Security redaction statement

  9. Auditor's transfer stamp and Assessor's sales disclosure stamp (if required)

Document Formatting Requirements


• To record a conveyance or mortgage at the County Recorder’s Office, the instrument must be properly acknowledged. 

• Beneath the signatures of the persons who executed the document, the persons witnessing it, and the notary public, names must be printed, stamped, or typed. 

• If the instrument submitted for recording is a copy, the instrument should be marked ‘Copy.’

• Documents should be on white paper no larger than 8.5x14 inches. Paper should be twenty pound weight and not continuously bound. 

• On the first and last page of a document, the top and bottom margins should be at least 2 inches and ½ inch on the sides. 

Office of the County Recorder

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Phone number:

(812) 723-7114


Land Contract - 36-2-11; IC 32-21-1; or Memorandum of Contract 36-2-11-20


  1. From parties (Grantor)

  2. To parties (Grantee)

  3. Legal description

  4. Signatures with names typed or printed be!ow or next to each name

  5. Signatures acknowledged or notarized

  6. Prepared by statement

  7. Social Security redaction

  8. Sales Disclosure

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Contact the OC Recorders Office.

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