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Office staff are:

  • KayAnn Gilliatt

  • Treva Brim




The Orange County Highway Department's mission is to build better roads that people may travel freely, comfortably, and safely in the pursuit of their daily interests and activities. That businesses and industries may have convenient highways for the transportation of goods and services.


The Orange County Highway is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of miles of public roadways, bridges, culverts, signs, traffic signals, miles of pavement markings, hundreds of drainage structures, and many miles of side ditches along our county roads.


Office hours are:


8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday.

Contact Information


727 N. Greenbriar Drive

Paoli, Indiana 47454


Ph: (812) 723-3796

Fx: (812) 723-3996




Assistant Superintendent:

  • Carl J. Anderson

  • Rudy Freeman

  • Ronnie K.


General Highway Maintenance:

To request more information:

Contact the Highway Dept. Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm


Ph: 812-723-3797

Fx:  812-723-3996



24 Hr. Dispatch Available:

Ph: (812) 723-2417

What We Do:


  • Road Conversion Program: What is Road Conversion? It is converting a stone road to a chip and seal road. This includes rebuilding the road with a good base of stone, putting in ditches for drainage, and finally chipping and sealing the road for a nice driving surface.



  • Bridge Maintenance Program: The maintenance consists of the repair and replacement of our bridges. Bridge repair lists are developed using historic data, field inspection information and conditional ratings. Bridges are also improved or replaced as part of our road improvement program.



  • Concrete/Pavement Repair Program: This program involves repairing concrete/asphalt streets located in subdivisions. The engineering department coordinates this program with the Community Association representing the subdivision. Our staff reviews the problems and develops alternate solutions with cost estimates.



  • Capitol Improvement Program: This includes projects that require major road repair and/or reconstruction. Project selection is based on need (road condition, traffic counts, congestion, safety problems, etc.). 



  • Drainage Program: This program consists of drainage projects that solve drainage problems across roadways and along our right-of-ways. These projects may include improving side ditches, repairing tile, installing new storm sewers and replacing undersized culverts.



  • Snow and Ice Control Program: This program is considered emergency work in that the roads and streets must be cleared, as quickly as possible, to insure the safety of the public.



  • Traffic Control Program: The Orange County Highway supplies and maintains its own Sign Shop. The Sign Technician and Sign Installers maintain all of the traffic signs (street name, stop and yield signs) on unincorporated county roads. All requests for new or revised signs are evaluated through engineering studies to see if it is warranted.


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