What do I need to have prepared, in order to receive my birth certificate?

You should bring your driver’s license or state I.D., and cash payment of $12.00. The health department does accept debit or credit payments, but with a service charge. We do not accept checks. We will also need the birth name and date, father’s name, mother’s maiden name, how you are related to the person on the certificate (if not inquiring about your own), reason for need, your signature, address, and phone number. We only have access to certificates for those born in Orange County.

What do I need to bring to receive a death certificate?

You should bring the full name of the person on the certificate, date of death of person on certificate, your relation to the person, reason for need, your signature, phone number, address, and $12.00 in cash or $11.50 through debit or credit. We do not accept checks.

Do you have a list of Orange County cemeteries available?

Coming Soon.






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Health Department Frequently Asked Questions


Vital Records: 


How do I volunteer?

You may submit volunteer application, in person, or through the mail.  It is also possible to contact Tammie Johnson at (812) 723-7112.


Emergency Preparedness:
In the case of emergency, where do I take my family for vaccinations, atibiotics, etc...

Click here for contact information, map, and directions to our treatment center (this link will only be available in the event of an emergency.)


How do I start a food establishment in Orange County?


    A: Meet the guidelines set in the Orange County Ordinance 2014-5 and the Indian Rule 410 IAC 7-24 and 410 IAC 7-22.


  1. Schedule a time for a plan review of the operation you plan to start.

  2. Plan on purchasing the equipment/structure you need to properly prepare, store, and serve food in a way that prevents food borne illness or food contamination.

  3. Plan on having an ANSI certified person responsible for the food handling.

  4. Plan on only using approved products that are prepared either at the establishment or at another approved establishment elsewhere.

  5. Plan on having a annual inspections by the Sanitation Department and pay a annual fee for a permit.


Can I sell vegetable produce or baked goods?


            A: Indiana House Enrolled Act 1309 allows Home Based Vendors to sell fresh, uncut produce and baked goods that DO NOT require refrigeration for safety from road side stands or farmers markets (baked goods must be properly labeled). No permit is required for these operations and the Health Department does not inspect the facilities of origin. These products cannot be sold in retail establishments and there may not be an establishment (store) that is used for the transaction. Labeling information can be obtained at the local health department or visiting the State Department of Health web page.  


What is the first step to building in Orange County?


            A: Make sure your site is suitable for an onsite septic system or has access to city sewer.


  1. If the site requires an onsite system, have a soil evaluation done by a certified soil scientist (list available in the Health Department).

  2. Know the limitations of this evaluation. Slope, size, soil depth, and type of soil all factor into the area that may or MAY NOT allow for an onsite septic system.

  3. Once the evaluation has been completed isolate the evaluation site from disturbance. Any moving of soil in the area that the system is to be installed will void the evaluation. Compaction of the site could void the site and may make your property not suitable for onsite septic.

  4. Get your permit per Orange County Ordnance 2012-3 for your system and hire an installer that is registered for the type of system your site requires.


What do I do if my landlord will not fix the property that I am renting?


            A: Orange County has no building department or county wide zoning. A property dispute is handled by contacting an attorney. There is Indiana Renter and Tenant requirement that can be addressed through the court if you are not getting what you paid for. See the links on this page to view your rights.


What do I do if my neighbor is running sewage onto my property?


            A: Come to the Health Department and fill out a formal complaint. The law requires us to have a formal complaint to investigate complaints. It is against the law to have sewage on the ground surface.


What do I do about my neighbor burning their household trash?


            A: Come to the Health Department and fill out a formal complaint. The law requires us to have a formal complaint to investigate complaints. It is against the law to burn household trash.


What is Radon?


            A: Radon is an invisible odorless gas that causes cancer. If you are concerned about Radon levels in your home you can obtain a free test kit at the Orange County Health Department provided by the American Cancer Society.






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