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In most counties, residents elect a person for this position during elections. The county auditor is considered to be the chief financial officer for the county. The auditor is the secretary of the county commissioners and county council.

The county auditor’s office preforms the
following duties:


  • Figures tax rates with assistance of the Orange County Assessor and Department of Local Government Finance to be paid to each unit located within that property.

  • Transfer properties from one owner to the next after drawling the description on the county map to verify legal description provided.

  • Apply various state allowed property tax deductions such as homestead, mortgage, over 65, and veteran discounts that reduce the property’s assessed value.

  • Maintaining the tax duplicate. 

  • Issues all of the payroll for the county employees.

  • Provides State Board of Accounts with payroll report of county employees.  

  • Preforms all of the other human resource functions for the county departments and offices.

  • Reviews completion of documentation of submitted claims to be paid.

  • Creates the checks/warrants once claims are complete.

  • Maintains balanced record with the Orange County Treasurer on the funds that the county controls.

  • Receipts/quietus money into the funds that the Orange County Treasurer, as well as all other county government offices, collects.

  • Maintains vendor records.  

  • Provides an annual report on the transactions for the county each year available for review by the Indian State Board of Accounts and the public.


Input and submit all documentation going into the Indiana Gateway reporting system for the county.

Office of the Auditor

Lonnie Stroud

County Auditor



Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:00

205 East Main St.

Paoli, Indiana 47454

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Contact the Auditors Office.

Office Staff:

  • Lonnie Stroud

  • Teresa Hinshaw

  • Lory Arnold

  • Chelsea Smith

  • Karie Becht 


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